As a world-leading digital innovation hub, we embrace the new.

At Saturn F-1, ideas spark, partnerships flourish, and history is made. As a world-leading digital innovation hub, we embrace the new. New ways of thinking. New collaborations.

But most of all, compelling new technologies — such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation.

For us, these revolutionary technologies are the keys to transformation, opening the doors to new revenue streams and more profitable business. We partner with academics, tech leaders, start-ups and governments to push boundaries, shift perspectives, find fresh, original ways to solve real-world problems.

Our twinned innovation centres in London UK and Hyderabad, India are linked to seven Apollo Tyres Ltd manufacturing facilities around the world. We are constantly ‘listening in’ to the machines as they work, capturing a stream of data, which is carefully analysed and evaluated by our teams.

We use our findings not only to help us fine tune and optimise the way we make tyres, but to make breakthroughs and establish principles that can be applied across all kinds of different disciplines and sectors. Pushing boundaries. Challenging what’s possible. Inventing tomorrow.

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