We partner with organisations and individuals across a range of sectors and disciplines. For us, collaboration and cross-fertilisation of ideas is key to achieving transformation and innovation.

University of Glasgow

Together with Apollo Tyres Ltd, we are sponsoring two PhD doctorates at UoG. These are both focused on smart manufacturing with a focus on specific exploration around the three main stages of the manufacturing process: material design, process parameter configuration, and in situ anomaly detection.

EPIC InnoLabs

EPIC InnoLabs is the manufacturing innovation centre at Sztaki University in Budapest, Hungary. They specialise in the customised introduction and use of industrial digitisation. We commissioned the Lab to develop a programme of optimised production planning for Apollo Tyres Ltd.

Amazon Web Services

We have partnered with AWS to manage all our data in the Cloud. We are also using AWS capabilities, like the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning services, to connect our factories and make them smarter.

Telengana Government

As part of our collaboration with the Telengana Government, we have located the latest Saturn F-1 digital innovation centre within the T-Hub, part of a vibrant, government-backed innovation ecosystem. Being on the spot in T-Hub will potentially lead to great synergies, connecting us to thousands of tech start-ups and a huge knowledge base.

Output Industries

We are collaborating closely with Output Industries, a specialist UK startup to develop specific manufacturing software applications. These include a manufacturing execution system, which acts as middleware between the shopfloor and enterprise resource planning. This helps with tracking, mistake proofing, auto transport orders, inventory management & genealogy. It’s already live in Apollo Tyres Ltd’s Chennai factory, and being set up for our works in Enschede, Netherlands.

We are also working with Output Industries on an Internet of Things platform called Busroot. Hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud, Busroot streams 98 parameters of data every second from each of our curing presses. Using data analytics and data science, we use this information to improve productivity and process.

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